24 November 2012

Force on Force - Afghanistan

Just a few shots of a recent game we had at the Prague Wargames Club, using the Force on Force rules. This is a copy of my blog post over at The Wilde Goose blog (http://vonbrowne.blogspot.cz/).

This was my first game with the rules, and I have to say they are really quite good. They were reasonably easy to pick up, and not much page turning was required once we were a few turns into the game. That said though, the excellent umpiring by our long standing club member Petr went along way towards smoothing the way on this one (he also provided all the figures and buildings for the game).

The scenario it self revolved around a team of intrepid TV reporters, a large band of local militia who were out to grab them as hostages etc., and a smaller, but better equipped group of "private contractors" and trained US forces attempting to prevent this (in which they succeeded), as well as to nab the local militia warlord (in which they failed).
Afghan surge, and last stand by US "contractors" (TV crew are standing in front of the domed building).

The outcome? Well a really enjoyable game, with nice scenery, and loads of lovely lead. The local militia came close to success in a mass attack, and took down a few of the US troops, but then training and hardware started to kick in, with the Afghans taking very heavy casualties and their attack brought to a halt.

A ranger extraction team were called in late in the game to get the TV crew out (which reduced the US player's victory points). When added up the US side managed a narrow victory. Anyway, a great game, which seemed to me to be fast moving and intuitive.

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