26 December 2012

General de Brigade - Christmas Tournament

The club will be holding a Christmas Napoleonic tournament using the General de Brigade rules.

The will take place on Saturday  29.12.2012. Meeting at 9am to set up tables, and first games to start at 9.30am.

the event will take place at Mephit Club,
Arbesovo náměstí 14
Praha 5 150 00
Participants will need a 1000 point army in 15mm to participate. Usually you can expect to play 3 or 4 games during the day, with the limit per game being 2 hours or 18 turns.

All games will be played on 180x120 cm tables.

The winners and runners up will be based on points accumulated per game according to the following criteria:
1 point for enemy unit destroyed (this includes units that have the status of retreat or rout at the end of the last game turn),
1 point for killing or capturing an enemy general,
1 point each enemy unit flag or eagle captured
1st Place: CZK 300,- voucher for the Mephit shop
2nd Place: CZK 100,- voucher for the Mephit shop
3rd Place: CZK 100,- voucher for the Mephit shop
For participants without full or no armies, we will have some spare armies for use if required.

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